Pilgrim’s Progress

Six weeks worth of material adapted from John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress to help your youth group engage with and discuss what it means to be a Christian.
With many thanks to Jess, Eric and Alan for writing the small group questions.

Week 1
Christian gets his burden and leaves the city of despair for the city of the king, but will he get stuck in misery bog?
Sin. It’s a problem everyone has.
Romans 3:10-12 and Matthew 15:19
The Burden and the Bog – Story
Week 1 Small Group Questions

Week 2
Christian tries to climb legality mountain and is put on the path to the narrow gate
Only Jesus can rescue us from sin not anything we do or any other way
Ephesians 2:8-9 and Matthew 7:13-14
Legality Mountain and the Narrow Gate – Story
Week 2 Small Group Questions

Week 3
Christian climbs the hill to the cross and his burden rolls away. He is given the scroll of assurance but falls asleep.
We need to come to Jesus to be forgiven.
Romans 3:11-18; Mark 2:15-17; Matt. 11:28-29
The Cross
Week 3 Small Group Questions

Week 4
Christian finds his roll is missing, is given some armour and fights Appollyon.
Being a Christian means following Jesus, whatever happens. It won’t always be easy but we will be given what we need to keep following him.
1 Peter 5:8-9 and Ephesians 6:10-13
Armor and Appollyon
Week 4 Small Groups

Week 5
Christian and Faithful travel through Vanity Fair together where Faithful is killed. Then Hopeful and Christian narrowly escape the Money Mines.
Being a Christian will mean living differently to the rest of the world. We should love God before anything else.
Vanity Fair
Week 5 Small Groups

Week 6
Christian crosses the river of death and enters the City of the king.
Christ welcomes all who follow him into eternal life with the Father.
The River and the City
We decided to go for leaders own stories of life with Jesus both because it is a great way of linking the allegorical story to real life, and also a change in the leaders meant it was the ideal way to introduce the newbies!
Good questions to use as guidelines for testimonies here are:
Why did you decide to start following Jesus?
Which part of Christian’s story did you identify with the most?
What are the struggles you have experienced since following him?
What are the things that have helped you most in your walk with Jesus?
The identification question is also a great one to ask your young people to judge where they are.