Advent’s completed…

We’re nearly there

and I’m nearly ready

At last! Four advent scripts for four advent Sundays. Head on over and enjoy hearing from fictionalised (but I hope plausible) Biblical characters about some the events in the run up to Christmas. Joseph wonders how the start of his new family will play into the promise that God made to his ancestor King David. One of Herod’s advisors investigates rumours that the true king will come from Bethlehem. Elizabeth considers the strange circumstances that have led to her old age pregnancy and Mary’s mum shares the shame that her daughter’s pregnancy will bring on their family.

As I’ve been writing these I’ve been considering (with a lot of help from Tim Chester’s book One True Story) different perspectives on the story we all know and love. People weren’t expecting God to do what he did: to come into the world as a vulnerable baby, to be part of a human family with all its complications and challenges, to work miracles in ordinary and unimportant lives, to fulfil reams of OT prophecies yet not to act in the way we expect and people just weren’t ready for it.

Advent is a time to get ready then. I, with a lot of help, have completed my Christmas shopping, also bought presents for December family birthdays, visited and been visited by relatives and friends, wrapped presents and decorated the tree. I could consider myself ready for Christmas but there is much more to it than that.

I’m ready to celebrate but am I ready to embrace the fullness of God as a saviour, as a judge, as God with us? Am I ready for him to come again? Am I ready to admit where I fail to trust God in my life? Am I ready to admit where my understanding of God is wrong? Am I ready to change my life and my attitudes this Christmas?

I think, once again, I am going to need a lot of help with this. Thank God, then, that I have it!


More Advent Stuff

Just in the nick of time

or was I aiming to post on the relevant day?

(It’s the first one.)

The script for Second Sunday is up and on the second Sunday of Advent. This one was a little harder to write as I didn’t get the inspiration I had with the others. It’s also been a busy week with people visiting, but I’ve definitely got inspired for the next one so see you on Tuesday as usual!

The holidays are coming!

Just in time

Some stories for advent

I’m writing four scripts for advent one linked to each Sunday of advent. These are probably my favourite things to write: first person accounts. Just for a little while I get to imagine what it would have been like to be there, to see this, be visited by angels, to be waiting for the coming Saviour.

I ask myself how would I have reacted, as humble as Mary, as understanding as Joseph, as excited as Elizabeth or as doubtful as Zechariah, as scandalised as Mary’s mum, as scared as a shepherd or as scornful as Herod? These different reactions are great, we learn as much from the pharisees as we do from the disciples and they challenge us – which are we really more like? Plus it’s more fun to write as a bad guy!

Enjoy these and two more next week!


The Disorganised Sunday School Blog has a new thing

Can you spot it in the menu above?

Yes! We’ve added a brand new Youth Work section to the blog for all the Disorganised Youth Workers out there. If you’re a follower let your DYW know what’s coming and encourage them to subscribe so they don’t miss out.

It already includes our Narnia talks and a link to our Christmas Scripts (check them out if you haven’t already – it’s nearly upon us!) which work great for teenagers as well as younger actors. And starting next week will have a series on The Armour of God from Ephesians 6.

Christmas things

It’s that time of year again

(At least if you’re involved in planning)

The shops may still be packed full of pumpkins and cobwebs but we know that Christmas will be here sooner than you think. There are scripts to find, cast and rehearse. Costumes to make. Copious amount of chocolate coins to buy. Songs to choose. And a theme to link it too.
Let  me make your life a little easier by pointing you in the direction of some excellent Christmas scripts. And a How to… full of acting tips.

That’s not all for Christmas but it’s a good start  and I hope you find something useful!

Jesus meets humanity

New series!

Discover Jesus in the gospel of John through the eyes of the people he meets.

Explore the mystery of the Word becoming flesh through the eyes of the Shepherds and the Wise Men. This Christmassy session, based on John chapter 1, is a great kickstart to the gospel of John (although it borrows the people from Luke and Matthew) and is great for any time of the year.

Click here for games, songs, dramas, talks and more!

If you haven’t already, follow this blog and catch the rest of this series.

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

It’s nearly December!

Month of Carol services, mince pies and panic.

Here are some more ideas you can use in your Christmas preparations. These should take less time to prepare than the Christmas Scripts I posted two weeks ago.

Try going right back to the roots of Christmas with Nativities Straight from the Gospels. You can find Luke and Matthew’s version of events and I’ve even combined them if you want the full story. Perfect for accompanying a sermon on either of those passages.

For those of you with all the right costumes but none of the times here’s a suggested playlist to tell the Christmas Story through Songs. Obviously you can pick your own songs but this is a nice starting point.

And now for something a bit different: less traditional and with a strong Christmas message this script is super flexible. Christmas King can be performed by any number of people, kids and adults alike. It can be read, memorised or performed with simple actions to accompany the lines. I’ve even done it with audience participation; getting them to cheer along, and pulling people up on stage to turn into clocks, crosses and Christmas trees! It doesn’t require costumes or props unless you want them and it’s so easy to pass a microphone or have all the action take place in front of a mic stand if that’s what you need.

Coming soon:

Tips on getting kids to act well!

Christmas Scripts

Hello and Merry Pre-Christmas from the Disorganised Sunday School Blog.

You’re probably here because you’re wondering what to do with your Sunday School this year. Maybe you’ve got a whole Carol Service to plan, maybe a kids slot in an otherwise grown up event. Perhaps you’re wondering how you can get your kids to learn lines in the next few weeks or you’re looking to do something completely different. Below are a few Christmas plays I’ve written or collected; hopefully  there’s something here for you whatever you need. So dive in, enjoy and happy planning!

Click on the titles to read excerpts and find the downloads for each play!

Angel Tours Nativity was written when our Carol Service was happening outside so makes use of minimum equipment (Max. 3 microphones) and incorporates songs for a whole Carol Service experience. Also; it’s ideal if you’ve got small numbers of kids or lots who are unwilling to talk as they’re largely not required to.

An Unspecified Number of Wise Astronomers From Somewhere East of Israel is probably my favourite of the nativities I’ve written. It’s a pedants dream of corrections and once again features minimal line learning unless you’re one of the two narrators. Designed to be acted out just before We Three Kings of Orient Are but that’s not technically necessary.

Don’t forget Don’t Miss Christmas! Some ‘might have been’ scenarios of those who ignore the birth of Jesus, a light-hearted but genuine invite for people to discover the real Jesus for themselves.

These are both excellent scripts from other authors that I’ve used before and enjoyed! If you’re after an amusing and chaotic nativity choose The Misunderstood Christmas and be prepared to go off piste, and if you want a thought provoking Christmas comedy go for In the Same Country. Both are free to use but their creators ask that you let them know if you’re using them, you can find their emails by clicking on the links.

Coming soon:

The Story through songs and Straight from the Gospel nativities

Tips on getting kids to act well!